Muzlifah has used functional genomics, comparative biology and more recently single cell RNA sequencing to study human mononuclear phagocytes. In this seminar, she will discuss the use of single cell genomics to decode the developing human immune system.

Muzlifah HANIFFA Muzlifah Haniffa, Wellcome, Lister Institute, Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre, Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University, UK

Muzlifah Haniffa is a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, Lister Institute Research Fellow and Consultant Dermatologist based in Newcastle University.  She graduated from medical school in Cardiff and trained as a junior doctor in Cambridge.  She received her dermatology specialist training in Newcastle.  She was awarded an Action Medical Research Training Fellowship and a Wellcome Trust Clinical Intermediate Fellowship.  Muzz was the recipient of the Academy of Medical Sciences Foulkes Foundation Medal (2019) and the European Federation of Immunological Societies ACTERIA Prize in Immunology and Allergology (2018).

Muzz is a leading member of the Human Cell Atlas initiative and pioneered the application of single cell genomics to decode the developing human immune system, and the human skin in health and disease.  

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