CD4+ and CD8+Tregs expressing CARs have been used to suppress unwanted immune responses in different animal models of autoimmunity, GVHD and solid organ transplantation. These models include immune humanized mice injected with human CAR Tregs. In all these models CAR Tregs proved to be more potent than polyclonal Tregs. Clinical trials with CAR Tregs are being planned.

Ignacio ANEGON Ignacio Anegon, INSERM UMR 1064-Center for Research in Transplantation and Immunology, Labex Immunology Graft Oncology, FOCIS Center of Excellence Nantes University
Dr. Anegon is an INSERM Director of Research. He is based at the INSERM-CRTI laboratory in Nantes where he is co-head of a team and Director of rat transgenesis platform. His work is centered on the development of immune tolerance strategies in solid organ transplantation, GVHD and autoimmune diseases. He has also generated numerous genome-edited rat models.