Cell therapy is a promising strategy for treating patients suffering from autoimmune or inflammatory diseases or receiving a transplant. Based on our preclinical studies, we have generated human tolerogenic dendritic cells which are being tested in a first-in-man clinical trial in kidney transplant recipients. These cells produce a high amount of lactate, which shapes T cell response towards tolerance. This unconventional suppression of T cell immunity as well as the first results of the clinical trial will be presented.

Aurelie MOREAU Aurélie Moreau, INSERM UMR 1064 - Center for Research in Transplantation and Immunology, University of Nantes / Nantes University Hospital, France
Following a Master in Virology at Pasteur Institute, Aurélie did a PhD at the Gene Therapy Laboratory in Nantes, where she studied different approaches to control the immune response to a transgene in non-human primates. Interested in the immunological aspects of her PhD, Aurélie then deepened her knowledge in immunology by doing a fellowship at Kings College London on the control of the immune response in transplantation. She joined the CRTI in 2011 where she generated and characterized a population of human tolerogenic dendritic cells and coordinated the scientific part of the clinical trial using these cells in kidney transplantation.