Immunoregulation of Inflammation

Immunoreceptors control innate and adaptative immunity which are essential for appropriate responses to infections and prevention of chronic inflammation or development of auto-immune diseases. Immunoglobulins are one of key molecules that acting through interaction with specific Fc receptors (FcR) can modulate immune responses. FcR intracellular signaling are central for either anti- or pro-inflammatory responses and are currently being exploited as targets for therapeutic approaches.

Renato Monteiro, Center  for  Research  on  Inflammation - INSERM  U1149  &  CNRS  ERL8252 / Paris  Diderot Faculty of Medicine

Renato  Monteiro  is  professor  of  Immunology  at  Paris  Diderot  University  and  head  of  the   Center  for  Research  on  Inflammation  -  INSERM  U1149  &  CNRS  ERL8252  located  at  Bichat   Hospital  campus  in  Paris.  After  obtaining  his  medical  degree  in  Brazil  and  then  completing   a  residency  in  nephrology,  he  moved  to  Paris  in  1982  to  study  nephrology  at  the  Necker   Hospital  under  the  mentoring  of  Professor  Jean  Berger.  Prof.  Monteiro  was  awarded  the   1986  Prize  of  the  French  Society  of  Nephrology  for  his  work  on  IgA  nephropathy,  notably   for  the  identification  of  abnormal  IgA  in  Berger’s  disease.  He  later  studied  immunology  at   the  University  of  Birmingham  in  Alabama  with  Professor  Max  Cooper.  Prof.  Monteiro’s   work  in  Prof.  Cooper’s  lab  led  to  the  identification  of  the  IgA  Fc  receptor  I  (CD89).  He   defended  his  PhD  thesis  in  immunology  in  1993  at  Paris  Diderot  University.

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