Targeting common epithelial malignancies with TCR engineered lymphocytes specific for 'public' neoantigens

Christopher Klebanoff, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer and the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, New York, USA
Christopher KLEBANOFF

Christopher Klebanoff is a medical oncologist and translational researcher whose focus is on providing the best care possible to people with breast cancer. His dual role in the clinical setting and the laboratory allows him to work with his patients to develop more-effective, less-toxic therapies. He strongly believe that this is how we will change the future of cancer care. The ability to use a patient’s own immune system as a form of cancer treatment — immunotherapy — is revolutionizing how we attack many cancers. My goal is to bring these advances to people with breast cancer, a disease for which we are still discovering immunotherapy’s full potential. To this end, I am a member of the Center for Cell Engineering and the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy at Memorial Sloan Kettering, where I am involved in both clinical trials and laboratory research that aim to bring the most promising immunotherapies to our patients. My expertise is in cellular therapy and genetic engineering, immune-stimulating antibodies and hormones (also called cytokines), and cancer vaccines.
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